on Aug 14

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Indeed a challenge for us: we battled sixteen agencies to win the account. Along the line, we discovered what the problem was: several PFAs in the country were positioned in the same way, telling the same thing to the same set of audience. They needed positioning and a fresh message.

What we did:

We plunged to work! We took a critical study of the young professionals who are yet to sign up with a PFA and created brilliant and emotional messages to appeal to them. The message was nailed across traditional and digital media, below-the-lines, and most interesting, the launch of a mobile app, MyPAL, which enables customers to keep track of their pension accounts.


Few months post-campaign launch saw a tremendous increase in brand awareness. Many prospective clients also called for enquiries as a result of exposure to the ad messages.

With complement Flyer Mockup - 3


MYPAL app(side)

Free Frame Mockup


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